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Rudy Giuliani Pleasures Himself In New Borat Movie

Rudy Giuliani really thought he was a desirable bachelor. Early-onset dementia? Or pervert?

Big Tasty

Not a good week for crusty old white men. First Jeffrey Toobin decided to whip out his dick during a zoom call, and now Rudy Giuliani has proven he’s more pathetic and desperate than initially believed. While filming the sequel to “Borat”, Sasha Baron Cohen had an actress interview Rudy under the guise of a television journalist. She then led him up into a hotel room filled with hidden cameras. Rudy instantly turns into a pervert.

Creepy Old Man

First, he asks for the girl’s number and address, then immediately hops onto the bed, lays on his back, untucks his shirt, and slides his wrinkly hand into his pants. Just to set the record straight, Rudy is 76 years old. This of course ends with Borat bursting into the room and claiming the girl was underage.

It upsets me that someone so gullible has any sort of pull in our nation. I mean this geezer really thought a young, attractive woman wanted to do anything but make a mockery out of him. If Borat can infiltrate a member of our government so easily, imagine how far a foreign agent could get. Also, what is up with this guy asking for her address? Beyond creepy. Most guys I know put in an effort to ensure no personal information is exchanged with a fling.

"I was tucking in my shirt, I swear!"

I love that Rudy has been sitting on this information since July, just knowing his career will be in shambles the moment the film is released. He has already begun his PR tour, claiming he was “tucking in his shirt” and that the film looks doctored. Rudy, next time a stunning woman invites you back to a hotel room, take a long look in the mirror. The only two reasons someone would want to be with you are to either further their career or end yours. The outcomes are either being a power abusing freak or becoming a meme.

I have extremely low expectations for the new Borat film but this scene alone gave me some hope. If he was able to pull this off, who knows what else he was able to accomplish? The film is set to be released on Amazon Prime tomorrow, Friday the 23rd. Keep an eye out for my review that'll be up soon after the movie premieres.