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Brady's return to New England, Big Ben, and more. Our takeaways from week four

Tom Brady made his grand return to New England last night. Everything from Bucs vs. Pats to NY teams winning and more.


This was a really fun NFL weekend. Of course, Brady's return to New England is going to dominate the headlines. To be honest, it's probably the only story people are going to talk about coming out of week four.

Even with Brady vs. Belichick, we're still going to touch on some other takeaways I have from week four. Before we get into my other takeaways, let's get Tampa Bay vs. New England out of the way first.


It was an emotional day for all around the New England area. Their boy Tommy was coming home after leaving them two years ago to go down south. You can tell the atmosphere was getting to Brady a little bit. He wasn't very sharp to start the game, overthrowing some of his receivers. Makes sense because they were playing in a monsoon for most of the game. Oh, Brady also broke the record for most passing yards of all time, passing Drew Brees. It was the least ceremonial record-breaking play of all time. Everyone on the field acted as though nothing happened and kept playing.

On the flip-side, the Bucs defense looked dominant. They took away the Patriots run game, forcing Mac Jones to beat them. I can't get over how good their front seven is. It seems like no team in the NFL is capable of moving the Bucs front seven to get any type of running game. Their secondary is still in question with all the injuries they have. They lost Carlton Davis last night, with most of their corners already sidelined.

Speaking of Mac Jones, I thought he looked pretty good. The moment never got too big for him. He had some impressive drives keeping the Patriots in it the whole game. The Patriots need to figure out this run game. Their defense is good enough to keep them in games. If they can get the running game going, it will obviously benefit Mac Jones.

Of course, this game ends in a doink. Instead of going for it on 4th and three, Belichick sent out Nick Folk to attempt a 56-yard field goal for the win.

Tough ask for your kicker to hit a career-high in the middle of a storm. The analytics community probably despises this move. It was close, and Nick Folk had made 30 straight field goals or something like that before that kick.

Lastly, everyone was waiting for the Brady-Belichick hug at the end of the game. Belichick made it short and sweet, giving him a quick hug, then immediately ran off the field.

It was later confirmed that Belichick went over to the Bucs locker room and talked to Brady privately.

Overall it was a good game. Shoutout to Patriots fans. They gave Brady his flowers during the pregame. Once that ball kicked off, Brady was just another opponent. Getting booed as he took the field.


After going a combined 0-6 to start the season, both New York teams finally won a game! The Jets pulled off the upset at home, beating the Titans. The Giants went into the Super Dome and beat the Saints in a comeback win. This was the Saints first home game with a full capacity crowd since 2019 and Hurricane Ida hit.

Zach Wilson made some wow throws in a win over the Titans. This is why he was drafted second overall.

Wilson finished the day 21/34, 297 yards, and two touchdowns. By far his best game as a pro. The Mormon Missle is starting to show that he has one of the best arms in the league.

The Giants looked like they were going to go 0-4 to start the season. Down 21-10 with about eight minutes on the clock, Giants fans were ready to google "2022 NFL mock draft".

Daniel Jones put the Giants on his back today. He made some impressive throws late in the game to pull off the comeback win. Jones finished the day going 28/40, 402 yards, and two touchdowns. Saquon Barkley looks like his old self again, making explosive plays.

Barkley ended up scoring the game winning touchdown in overtime. Before overtime started, Jabrill Peppers probably had the most electric coin toss call of all time.

It looks like things are starting to click for Saquon and Jones. If both players can stay healthy, they can be a dangerous duo.


I hate it when quarterbacks hold on for too long. We saw it with Eli Manning. We saw it with Philip Rivers. Ben Roethlisberger looks done. He can't move around or sling the rock like the Big Ben we all know.

It's never a good idea to put an old quarterback behind a bad offensive line. I thought it was pretty crazy for the Steelers to bring back Ben with this roster and his cap hit. Even with the restructured contract, it was never a good decision to bring him back, especially how he looked in the second half of the season.

If I were Ben, I would announce my retirement at the end of the season and make it all about myself. We see this with athletes all the time. Once they know they're washed, they announce their retirement and have people parade you with gifts in every city you go to. The Big Ben revenge tour has unfortunately turned into the Big Ben retirement tour. Sad times in Pittsburgh.

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