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What Happened With Justin Turner?

Justin Turner tested positive for COVID-19 DURING game 6 of the World Series.


Last night, Justin Turner was pulled from the game in the 7th inning. I thought it was a simple pinch-hit move Dave Roberts made late in the game. Well.... it appears Turner was pulled for different reasons.

The MLB is such a shit show. Why are they running tests during the game? Is the MLB so cheap that they can't afford to reschedule games? Also, why did the Dodgers keep him in the game for 5 more innings after they were informed he tested positive in the 2nd?

I guess the show must go on for Rob and the boys. Knowing how the preseason labor negotiations went, they clearly didn't want to spend a dime over their budget. Curious what would've happened if the Rays pushed a game 7.

Even with a positive COVID test, that didn't stop Turner from celebrating with the boys. Turner said fuck it and went with the whole "If I got COVID, all my homies got it too."

Do the Dodgers players care he was out there celebrating? I'm sure the euphoria of winning a championship took over. Probably didn't even realize they were about to test positive for COVID. All I have to say is keep everyone away from Magic Johnson.

A championship with corona on the side? Every Dodgers player would accept that deal if presented to them at the beginning of the season. Who wouldn't?

Also, is Rob Manfred okay? I'm not sure if he was about to cry or if it was just nerves. Who knows with that dork.

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