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What to Watch With No Thursday Night Football

Scrambling to find something worth watching without Thursday Night Football? Here are my top three suggestions.

Stephen A. Bayless

Weird week in the NFL pushing the Thursday night game to Monday. No worries, there are still plenty of options that are going to make you want to blow your brains out.


If you like to watch old men ramble about how great they are, this is the perfect show.

I despise politics, but it's fascinating to watch these old idiots try to persuade people to vote for them. I plan on watching until I realize how pathetic our country is for letting these two get this far. I'm sure I'll be Googling one-way tickets to Europe by the end of the night.


We have two MLB playoff games tonight with the controversial Astros staring down another elimination game. The Rays are trying to complete the gentlemen sweep and reach their first World Series since 2008. The majority of MLB fans are praying they watch the Astros get crushed tonight, including US Senators.

The Dodgers and Braves face off for Game 4. Being down 0-2, the Dodgers bats woke up big time and annihilated the Braves to make this a series.

I'm still in awe that the Dodgers scored 15 runs in 3 innings. Anyway, they have Kershaw on the bump tonight. If you know anything about playoff Kershaw, he can either give you seven awesome innings or he'll be relieved of his duties by the second inning.


If you're desperate for some football, there's a good old high school football game on ESPN2. Why would I tell you to watch a high school football game? Well, it's because this is your first glimpse of a future Super Bowl-winning, Hall of Fame quarterback.

Arch Manning is currently the number one quarterback and number five overall prospect in the class of 2023. The hype for a player with the name "Manning" stitched to the back of his jersey is immeasurable. It might be too early to call him the next great Manning, but his highlights are making a pretty good case for him.

To be honest, I don't know what else is on TV. I was hoping for The Bachelorette to be on. Unfortunately, that only airs every Tuesday. So your choices are either old men yelling at a screen, postseason baseball, or a bunch of children playing football.

Goddammit Titans, you ruined my Thursday night.

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