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Most Powerful Man in Alabama Tests Positive for COVID-19

What do you do when the most powerful man gets COVID?


This is the biggest news to hit Alabama since that old creepy guy poisoned the oak trees in Toomer's Corner.

Harvey Updyke, the Alabama fan who poisoned Auburn's trees

Tuscaloosa must be running around like headless chickens right now. This is bigger news for them than when Trump tested positive. If Alabama cancels their game because of this, I can't imagine the amount of anger that's going to be fuming from Roll Tide nation. Especially because the game of the year is this Saturday with number three Georgia coming to town.

Do they even bother playing this week??? Would you ask the Continental Army to go into battle without George Washington? No. If I were Alabama, there's no way I'm playing a game of this magnitude without Saban.

Could this have been an inside job by Kirby Smart and Georgia? Smart probably has some connections left in that building. We all know Kirby will pay top dollar to gain even the slightest edge. Smart has never beaten his master, and it's clear Georgia fans are tired of losing to Bama.

With the uncertainty of the virus, along with Saban being 68 years old, there's definitely some concern here. I'm not sure if he has any pre-existing health conditions, but whenever someone over 65 gets the virus it's always a good idea to play it safe.

I think this game gets pushed back. Alabama has to do everything in their power to keep Saban healthy so they can continue to dominate college football. I don't care what anybody says, college football is at its best when the Tide are the top dog being hunted.

Let's hope Saban recovers quickly for the sanity of the people in Tuscaloosa.

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