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Washington Football Team Release Dwayne Haskins After Two Seasons

The Washington Football Team release former first-round pick Dwayne Haskins.


Last week, I posted about Dwayne Haskins attending a strip club after the Washington Football Team lost to the Seahawks.

After being benched during their loss to the Panthers, Washington released Haskins. I'm sure this was a culmination of everything that happened to him in the last two years. Haskins had some off-field concerns coming out of Ohio State. His lack of maturity scared a lot of teams away, including people inside Washington's building.

It's not about those coaches being right or wrong. At the end of the day, Jay Gruden and his staff were fired. It's about Dan Snyder getting his hands on important personnel decisions. It blows my mind when owners try to interfere on the operations side of football. Why pay millions of dollars to these decision-makers if you're not going to listen to them?

For Haskins, I'm sure he'll get another opportunity somewhere. People are overreacting saying his career is over, but there's definitely a GM out there that will give a former first-round QB a chance. For Washington fans, the cycle continues. Haskins is just another victim of the QB carousel. Will it ever end?

Ballsy move for Rivera going with Taylor Heinicke if Alex Smith can't go. You know you fucked up when an XFL QB took your spot in a win or go home game. For Haskins, maybe this is the wake-up call he needs.

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