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Big Week for the Strip Club Industry

It's good to know athletes are still getting their fix during a global pandemic.


COVID-19 has crippled millions of businesses around the world. With the government telling business owners how to operate during a worldwide pandemic, many face the tough reality of closing down. One industry that many thought would flounder seems to be striving though.

Athletes and strippers. It's an iconic combo that belongs with the greats like PB&J. I'm sure many athletes feared how they're supposed to celebrate after a long, grueling game. Well, I'm here to tell you that the strip club industry seems to be doing well. Just ask James Harden and Dwayne Haskins.

For Harden, I understand. Whether it's throwing balls at his teammates, getting fat, or hitting the strip club, he's doing everything possible to get traded out of Houston. He's also the strip club king. Remember when a Houston strip club gave him a banner because he was their number one customer?

Haskins on the other hand...

All this time, I thought Dwayne Haskins didn't get a fair shake from Ron Rivera. I thought he got the boot too quickly, especially for someone that was drafted in the first round. With that being said... it seems like all his pre-draft day concerns are true. The concerns regarding his immaturity and lack of experience are showing. The only reason he got drafted to Washington was because he went to the same high school as Dan Snyder's son.

Haskins had a golden chance to prove to Ron Rivera and the rest of his coaching staff he's their franchise QB. With Washington in the driver's seat to win the division, Haskins might've blown his opportunity. What makes it even worse is Ron Rivera just finished cancer treatments a few months ago.

At least it's good news for strip clubs that athletes are still willing to throw dollar bills.

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