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Did the 49ers Trade up To Number Three To Draft... Mac Jones???

Is drafting Mac Jones at three a big reach?


When the Niners traded up to the third pick, many expected them to draft a QB. The question is, which QB is it going to be? Assuming Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson go one and two, that leaves three QBs.

Justin Fields seemed to be the consensus number two pick before Zach Wilson burst onto the scene. Trey Lance was picking up legitimate steam until COVID canceled his season. Then we have Mac Jones, who's been skyrocketing everyone's draft board after putting up one of the best seasons an Alabama QB has ever had.

While we're still a month away from the draft, it seems like all arrows are pointing at the 49ers taking Mac Jones. Here's what Peter King said in his column this morning.

Pro Football Talk, NBC Sports

People are now freaking out that Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch will be skipping Fields' pro day to go watch Mac Jones throw at his second pro day. That's something to keep an eye on, considering Jones already had a pro day a few weeks ago. Instead of checking out what Fields can do, the Niners are sending their top guns to take a look at Jones throwing for a second time.

I think taking Jones at three is a reach. He had the best supporting cast around him and only had one year of starting. I feel like we see this every year. There's always that one QB that gets drafted way too high because a few people fall in love with him during the draft process. But hey, if you believe Jones is your guy, you need to take him.

If Jones is taken at three, skinny fat people have a new king to look up to.

A body many people in America can relate with.

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