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The Dolphins Completely Shook Up the NFL Draft in a Matter of Minutes

The Dolphins made two blockbuster draft trades in a 10-minute span.


Wow. Did not expect a draft day trade today, but here we are!

So what does this mean for the 49ers? Jimmy G is most likely out as Shanahan and Lynch look for their new QB. I mean, that has to be the reason, right? Why else would you trade up into the top three? According to Schefter, the 49ers didn't trade up with one QB in mind.

Maybe Jimmy G will start one more year before they ship him off somewhere. He currently has two more years remaining on his current contract. I can see Belichick licking his lips already to get his hands on his true love. At three, you have to be thinking Fields or Lance. If the Jets don't move on from Darnold, which I think they should, it could be Wilson. Whatever it is, San Fran is looking for a new start at QB.

For the Dolphins, they essentially turned Laremy Tunsil into four first-round picks. They move back to pick 12 where they can still get a dynamic playmaker or an offensive lineman for Tua. I like the move for the Dolphins. Accumulate more picks to help round out this young roster. This squashes any rumors for Miami moving on from Tua. The Dolphins are 100% his team.

There's a really high chance we get four QB's drafted within the first four picks. That's huge for teams that have their QB situation sorted. A top 5 player in the draft can possibly fall to the double digits. Draft season is starting to heat up.

Right after I finished writing this, the Dolphins made ANOTHER trade.

So I guess Tua isn't 100% safe. Sorry if I jinxed it for you pal. Maybe the Dolphins are still in play for a QB, or they want to make sure they're able to get one of the big three receivers. Maybe Sewell or Slater is on their radar too?

I like the Eagles trading back. They get another first-round pick next year and still get to pick in the top 15. It seems like they're going to stick with Hurts and try to build around him.

That was pretty crazy. I don't think I've seen two draft trades go down in a span of minutes before draft day. I guess Chris Grier watched this movie before he went to bed last night.

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