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Why the WWE is the King of Reality Television

Stunner, Rock Bottom, 619.... if you see those names you just know.


I was on Youtube trying to pass some time before dinner and came across a video on my feed that I couldn't pass up.

When I was a kid, there was only a handful of people I looked up to. My father, Derek Jeter, Eli Manning, and Jeff Hardy. Something about Hardy's stunts gave me the closest thing to an orgasm a 10 year old kid can get.

The WWE captures the hearts of young boys across the country. I asked my friends who their favorite wrestler was and I was instantly bombarded with a bunch of wrestlers ranging from Umaga to Stone Cold.

Although most of us grow out of watching wrestling, whenever someone brings it up it instantly sparks a discussion. The nostalgia hits immediately and you're that 10 year old kid again watching Monday Night Raw way past your bed time.

The music, stunts, and storylines suck you in and there's no way out until it's time to let go. Regardless if you're 55 or 10 years old, there's one character that remains the same and keeps the ship moving.

Vince McMahon turned the WWE from a regional show to one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world.

Monday Night Raw is the longest running weekly episodic show in the U.S. Whether it was John Cena throwing Edge into the Long Island Sound or Stone Cold Steve Austin blasting McMahon with gallons of beer, every fan has one moment they can always go back to.

For the people complaining about my headline and tell me some bullshit like Keeping up with the Kardashians or Survivor is the best reality TV show, they're wrong. Nothing compares to the WWE when it comes to pure entertainment. How many shows have the storylines and stunts that goes down every Monday night? Do I want to watch an hour of people sitting in the middle of the wilderness voting each other off while making pompous remarks at each other? No. I want to see a 250 pound man body slam a midget through 3 tables off a ladder.

To end this, I'm just going to post a few gifs that embody the WWE.