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What's next for the Raiders?

With Jon Gruden resigning, what's next for the Las Vegas Raiders?


Jon Gruden is out as Raiders head coach after multiple emails were leaked over the weekend. During the NFL's investigation on the Washington Football Team's workplace culture, they investigated over 650,000 emails. They found multiple emails from Gruden using homophobic, racist, and misogynistic remarks about multiple people around the league.

After signing a 10-year, $100 million deal, he's done after year three. What an absolute botch this deal was. At the time, I had no issues with the Raiders bringing in Gruden. It was just ridiculous that any head coach would receive a 10-year deal, considering head coaches in the NFL drop like flies.

What's next for the Raiders? As of now, Special Teams Coordinator, Rich Bisaccia will be the interim head coach. With a shiny new stadium in a new city, I'm sure Mark Davis is going to make a splash hire in the offseason. How do you move to Vegas and not make a big-time hire after all that went down? Plus, Mark Davis runs this team like a six-year-old who plays Madden.

Some big, necessary changes are coming to Vegas. With a new head coach coming in with a solid roster, maybe they can finally get over the hump.

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