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U.S. Airlines might start weighing passengers before they board

Airlines might begin weighing you before you board your plane.


When you go on vacation, the plan is to get fit as possible, so you don't look like a blob on the beach with a margarita in your hand. You might need to work out regardless because airline passengers might need to step on a scale before they board their flight.

The Federal Aviation Administration wants to monitor the weight of passengers to make sure they don't exceed the weight limit on the plane. So pretty much they're telling us we're getting too fat, and they want to avoid the plane falling apart when it's thousands of feet in the sky. According to the reports, they are doing this with plus-size passengers.

This is also voluntary, so if the passenger declines, they do not have to weigh themselves. Which I'm sure is the route every person is going to go. Weight is already a sensitive subject. I'm sure people would rather not get publicly shamed before they board the plane they paid hundreds of dollars to get a seat on.