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UNLV Quarterback Forced To Apologize for Being a Stud

Keep your head up king, your crown is slipping


Max Gilliam. Unless you’re a degenerate sports gamblers or the odd Mountain West conference fan, that name should mean nothing to you. He’s thrown for a mediocre 599 yards, 5 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions through 5 games he’s played this season for UNLV. Accumulating 5 losses in that span, it’s clearly not his gameplay we came here to talk about. Earlier this year, our boy Max appeared on a reality television show Below Deck. Now if you have half-decent taste in television shows, you’ve never heard of this program, which is fine. It’s a show currently in its 8th season that follows the crew for superyachts during charter season. Max Gilliam appeared on the most recent season of this show, and his actions during the episode have resulted in him publicly apologizing.

While on the show, the yacht’s world-class chef prepared sushi for the guests. Max, being the wealthy, college-aged athlete he is, decided a simple dinner wouldn’t cut it. Desperate to soak up the fame his sports career clearly wouldn’t supply, he decided to have a naked model hold the sushi in lieu of a plate. Now, this is the part where you assume he did something horrible, or else why would he be apologizing? That assumption would be incorrect, as this is the extent of his mischievous endeavors. Despite this move being popularized by the show Sex in the City, it appears it’s only empowering if a woman does it in order to seduce a male. Considering this model was paid to do it for the UNLV “star”, it's a crime against society. His athletic department demanded he apologizes publicly. His coach has also apologized.

Apology culture has gone too far. It seems celebrities are crying on IG Live more often than they work these days, constantly apologizing for every little mishap in their entire life. We’ve gotten to the point that people can’t even spend their money on what they want. Soon any lavish purchase will come with an expected apology. Mercedes-Benz dealerships will start building studios you enter after the financing room, so you can get your apology video out of the way before driving off the lot with your new $70,000 vehicle. As long as you aren’t spending your money on white-collar crimes, do as you please. As for Max, he should never apologize again. The guy is a young king who has the world ahead of him, and if I had to guess, a couple more sushi dinners too.