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University of Colorado Boulder Riots in the Streets

Students go crazy at a CU Boulder party.


I don't know what exactly is going on.

As the country is slowly getting back to normal, we're going to see more and more videos of college students going crazy. Add the weather getting warmer and the country might burn down.

I was once a college student not too long ago. The second it hits slightly over 50 degrees, people don't know how to act. Especially in colder climate areas. Partying becomes a day-long event, and classes become irrelevant. It's truly the peak of your college years.

Is this how kids day drink now? Don't get me wrong, college students getting drunk and destroying things is nothing new. This video seems like they're taking it to the next level though. By the looks of this video, you'd think CU just won the national championship.

The report said there were anywhere from 500-800 students at the party. Also, CU Boulder said they will expel any students that were responsible.

Yeah, good luck trying to find close to 1,000 students to expel.

I'm just waiting on more videos of college students going crazy, destroying college towns. Weirdly, it was nice to see a bunch of college kids doing dumb shit in large crowds. A sign of normal life coming back to America.