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Unbothered Album Review - Lil Skies

Lil Skies utilizes catchy hooks and melodic bars to deliver a solid sophomore album.

Andrew Schwartz

The Philly rapper's second studio album gives us silky smooth melodies over a variety of trap beats but leaves something to be desired. On the surface the album bumps, but Lil Skies only occasionally includes meaningful lyrics in his songs. The topics of drugs, sex, flexing, etc. tend to be very one dimensional. Lil Skies has certainly crafted his own sound through the use of heavy autotune and utilizing his voice as an instrument on the beat. This is where he shines, but the overall content of his lyrics holds him back from his full potential. He shows a glimpse of some deeper themes every once in a while, like on the track "On Sight" when he mentions how he wants to give his son a better life. For the most part it sounds like he freestyled the entire album.

Songs that released as singles before the album such as "Havin My Way (feat. Lil Durk)", "Ok", "On Sight", and "Riot" won't be included in my top 3 tracks.

My Top 3 Tracks

3.  Trust Nobody

Lil Skies tells a story in the chorus of this track about getting set up. He's clearly paranoid when he raps "Gotta watch them boys from a range 'cause you know them n****s watchin'". A problem that only rich and famous people can relate to, he knows he's a target when he's wearing expensive chains. Lil Skies mentions how he's been through pain, which is portrayed well through the cadence of his voice and tone of the beat.

2.  Take 5

Lil Skies raps about his 'new money' in this upbeat track about the grind it took to get to the point he's currently at. He mentions that he was able to make his mother proud through his success. This is a track where Lil Skies flexes about how far he's come and how he did it for the love, not the fame. He's clearly happy in this track, and his melodic voice compliments the beat well to convey that message.

1.  Sky High

This song is clearly about a girl in Lil Skies' life that is like no other. It's a refreshing track that was sort of unexpected since it's basically a love song. What really shines here is the chorus. It's catchy, melodic, and flawlessly flows with the beat. The first verse flows just like the chorus and Lil Skies switches up his flow and cadence in the second verse to keep things interesting.

Album Rating: 7/10

Unbothered is solid throughout the entirety of the album with a few notable tracks. His lack of purposeful bars holds him back from taking the next step as an artist.

Honorable Mentions

  • Excite Me (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
  • Fade Away

Check out the tracklist on Spotify and Apple Music below.

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