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Trevor Lawrence is here to break the Jacksonville QB curse

Trevor Lawrence is the savior Jacksonville needs.


After months of speculation, debating, and over-analyzing, the NFL Draft is finally here. In a few days, we'll get the answers to questions we've been repeating since the NFL season ended.

The only sure thing we know is Trevor Lawrence going number one. A meteor has to hit Jacksonville for that not to happen. The question becomes if Trevor Lawrence is finally going to be the answer at QB for the Jaguars. The generational talent who's been compared to prospects like John Elway, Peyton Manning, and Andrew Luck. We all know how those three turned out. It's the draft though. At the end of the day, it's a crapshoot. Although Lawrence possesses all the necessary traits to be a generational talent at the position, nothing is ever guaranteed. Let's be honest though. He's most likely going to be the guy that breaks the QB curse for Jacksonville. I mean, look at this stat.

Pretty crazy for a team that's consistently picking in the top-10. How can you not hit on one QB with all those chances? I know it's the toughest position to evaluate in all of sports, but c'mon guys.

Jags fans are praying this is it. Lawrence is the QB for the next two decades. No more talking themselves into QBs like Blake Bortles, Blaine Gabbert, and Gardner Minshew.

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This beautiful son of a gun with the best hair in sports is finally going to take you out of the dumps, right? Well... we are talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars. What if he retires early like Andrew Luck because they can't build around him? Or what if he demands a trade after his rookie contract? I'm just kidding. That's a cruel way to look at things for what should be the best moment in franchise history. We'll see in a few years but enjoy this Jacksonville fans. Thursday night is a franchise-altering move.

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