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Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

A Top 5 from a terrible selection


Super Bowl commercials have gotten worse year after year. There are still the companies who try and make you laugh like Bud light, Cheetos, Doritos, and a few others. The majority, however, is trying to push whatever political/societal agenda that is β€œin” that year, in hopes of pulling heart strings and opening wallets. These companies can try to seem as hip and progressive as they please, there's no hiding the suits looking to profit off a 30 second ad. You really want to know how to get me to open my wallet? Do something original and humorous. Enough with this kumbaya bullshit, I came here to watch millionaires get hit and to chuckle.

General Motors

If you paid up the big bucks for Will Ferrell your commercial better be funny. Luckily for them a few decent jokes with some unique visual gags left me satisfied with this commercial.


I found the Ashton Kutcher/ Mila Kunis portion of this commercial beyond cringe, but the brand new Shaggy verse combined with the joke at the end sold it for me.


An interesting use of their five second ad but it left and impression. If you look up what the ad said its all about how the company loves the little guys on its site and how it will always be a safe space for free speech. That's a load of horse shit as they have silenced users and portions of the site in the past. Regardless, it's nice to see them stand behind the historic movement that happened on their site.


The M&M'S characters need a movie already. I mean there's no shot I would watch it, but if Angry Birds is two-thirds of the way to a trilogy this universe needs to explored. M&M'S delivers consistent commercial hits and this year was no different.


When your first joke falls flat, just repeat it but mock someone else's culture! While it is a tactic ripped straight from 1970s corporate America, it worked this time.

BTW the worst commercial was Jeep, don't even bother looking it up.

In case you missed our unofficial Super Bowl commercial, here it is: