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Tom Brady's Age Showed Last Night... Mentally

Brady forgetting the down and distance in crunchtime has people talking.

Stephen A. Bayless

Playing professional football at 43 is obviously a miraculous achievement. But after what happened last night, does Tom Brady need to retire after forgetting the down and distance?

Now many of you might think I'm overreacting. Let's look at some of the factors.

To start, he chose to play in Tampa Bay. We all know Tampa is famous for two things. Retirees and strippers. If you want a visual image of what it's like down there, just imagine your grandpa throwing dollar bills at a stripper who's name is Crystal Ann.

Maybe the relaxed vibes are getting to Brady mentally. He's no longer in New England where he drives past blue collar construction workers to keep him humble and hungry to achieve greatness. He now drives down the street to see people on jetskis and sipping on a pina colada on the dock.

Second, his head coach is no longer Bill Belichick. Don't get me wrong, Bruce Arians is a great coach but he's obviously no Belichick. Arians is like your fun uncle who gets too drunk at every party. He probably lets the guys crack open some brews while he grills up some burgers and making jokes. Belichick on the other hand will release you if he hears you talk about anything other than football.

My point is, it seems like Brady has mentally checked out of the NFL. He's ready to retire and hit the Tampa Bay strip clubs with Gronk. I'm not going to go all out and say he has dementia but Tom has that retired vibe to him now. That's why he lost track of the down and distance in crunch time.