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Toad Licking Has Endangered Species, Warns Conservationists

First druggies ruined California, now they're ruining toad populations


Apparently psychedelic toads are an endangered species in some areas and this is the first I am hearing about this. This species of toad has developed glands that released a potent psychedelic compound called  5-Meo-DMT. What happens is this DMT is secreted onto the toads skin so that when an animal puts the toad in its mouth, the DMT will cause said predator to trip balls and forget all about the amphibian. Where some see poison, others see free drugs. In California and New Mexico the species numbers are declining because people will milk the toads glands. Now with a fresh batch of DMT on the toads skin they lick the back to get high.


Honestly, this just sounds disgusting. I guess it's better than heroin or meth but still, if you willingly lick toads I think you shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets. There's just such a clear divide between them and the rest of society that I think it's best we just separate the toad-lickers.

The issue is that humans have already encroached onto the toad's lands, and now we are exploiting them and leaving them defenseless just to get high. I hate to say it, but this species of toad is as good as extinct. We can’t convince the general public to stop drunk-driving or smoking cigarettes, you think an article on “EuroNews” is going to do anything? Hell, I’d reckon this article opened more peoples eyes to all the free drugs they've been missing out on.


I have no interest in licking toads or consuming any sort of DMT but this article almost seems as if it was trying to convince me.

The user usually experiences a warm sensation, euphoria, and strong visual and auditory hallucinations.
Studies have shown that consuming the drug can produce “sustained enhancement of satisfaction with life” and can decrease levels of anxiety and depression.

Well shit, it's a miracle drug! Luckily for us they are making a synthetic version of the toads poison. It has also been suggested that the synthetic DMT can help alleviate depression. I was ready to persecute the amphibian lickers earlier, but now they seem to be revolutionaries: those who aren't scared to use their tongue to discover the unknown. Who knows, if eating a bat started COVID maybe licking a bat could end it.