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TikToker threw out an open invite to his party and thousands of people showed up

Close to 2,500 people showed up when a TikToker sent out an open invite to his birthday party.


It wasn't too long ago when there was a crazy street party in Boulder, Colorado. A few weeks later, a huge party broke out on the campus of Ohio State. As people are getting vaccinated and the COVID restrictions get lifted, they don't know how to act. When a bunch of young adults get trapped in their house for over a year, they're going to go crazy when they get released.

In Huntington Beach, California, thousands of people showed up to a party when a TikToker named Adrian threw an open invite to his kickback. This is what happened.

Close to 2,500 people showed up when a user named Adrian sent out an open invite to his birthday party on TikTok. According to CBS, 149 people got arrested. An absolute wild scene. People compare parties to the movie Project X all the time, but this is pretty similar considering how the party got out of hand. A birthday party that got way too crazy. Also, can we even consider these parties? These are more riots than parties.

As we start to get back to normalcy, I can't even imagine the videos we're going to be seeing. Bars opening up, sporting events getting packed, and seeing thousands of people sing along at a concert. It's going to be a summer filled with fights breaking out and people puking on the side of the road. I'm ready for it.