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The Ravens storm back, Titans win in OT, and more. Five takeaways from week two

The Ravens and Titans come back big and rookie QBs struggle. Our takeaways from week two of the NFL season.


I still need to get used to football hangovers. The pain of Monday mornings when you wake up with a stomach full of carbs. It also doesn't help sitting at the same spot for 12 straight hours. This is how we look dragging our butt to work this morning.

No fan is at 100% yet. Just like no team is at 100%. We saw a lot of sloppy turnovers, penalties, and overall play in general. Some teams took steps in the right direction, while others need to figure it out before they hit the panic button in week three. Our takeaways from week two of the NFL season.


After falling short to the Raiders in a wild season opener, the Ravens needed a win. The only problem was Mahomes and the Chiefs were in town. The Chiefs have been undefeated over Baltimore since Lamar took over as QB.

The game started with a bang. Welcome back Tyrann Mathieu, as he took back a pick for a touchdown on Lamar's first pass.

The Chiefs had control of the whole game. Mahomes was doing the usual. Hitting receivers for long gains and scoring points every time they touched the ball. When I see Travis Kelce ripping off long touchdowns like he's Tyreek Hill, I get nervous for the rest of the league.

The 4th quarter was a different story. Lamar Jackson and his legs took over as he had two rushing touchdowns in the last quarter. A Clyde Edwards-Helaire fumble sealed the deal and gave the Ravens a much-needed first win of the season.

All the primetime games have been incredible this season. Excited to see these two teams meet up in January.


The way the Titans kicked off the season last week against Arizona, many questioned whether they were frauds. After going down big in the first half in Seattle, those questions got bigger and bigger.

After throwing moon ball after moon ball to Tyler Lockett, it was one of those games where Russell Wilson couldn't miss. He had the deep ball going, and Tennessee couldn't stop it.

The second half was a different story. The Titans limited the Seattle offense to six points in the second half. Derrick Henry went nuclear, putting the Titans on his back.

How good was Henry in the second half? 187 total yards, along with three touchdowns doesn't seem too bad of a day.

Titans avoid the dreaded 0-2 start. Ryan Tannehill and his receivers need to get this passing game on track.


Justin Fields got some action yesterday after Andy Dalton went down with an injury. No one knows the severity of Dalton's injury, but it looks like he's going to miss the next couple of weeks with a knee injury.

This is Fields' time to step in. This is what Bears fans have been waiting for. No one ever wants to see anyone go down with an injury. Dalton's injury fast-forwards to what Matt Nagy should've done in the first place.

Fields didn't have a crazy day. He went 6/13, 60 yards, and an interception. With Dalton expected to be sidelined, the Justin Fields era has arrived. Is he finally going to be the QB the city of Chicago has been waiting for all these years?


America needs to make Bill Belichick vs. rookie QBs illegal. It's simply not fair to have the greatest defensive mind in football go up against Mike LaFleur and Zach Wilson.

Wilson had four interceptions in this game, three coming in the first half.

I'm not hitting the panic button yet, Jets fans. Wilson has all the tools to be one of the great QBs in this league. Unfortunately, he is surrounded by some terrible talent. Watching the Jets play looks like an FCS team playing an SEC team.

It doesn't get much easier for the Jets as they travel to Denver to take on a red-hot Broncos team. One bright note for Jets fans. Saleh looks pretty cool doing stadium runs before every game.


It's only week two of the 2021 season, is it already time to panic in Jacksonville? After two brutal losses to start the season, this is what Jacksonville's social media team posted.

It's never a good sign when your team is posting a "we're going to get better" post after week two. That's the type of post we usually see around weeks 8-9.

Trevor Lawrence has to be looking around thinking what's going on. This isn't the football he's used to. He definitely looks the part of being an NFL QB, but like Zach Wilson, he's surrounded with terrible talent.

Would anyone be surprised to see the Jags winning once through 10 weeks and Urban being introduced as head coach of USC by January? I sure wouldn't.

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