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The Most Ridiculous Political Stunts: 2020 Edition

In a politically charged culture, some stunts stand out from the rest.


Tomorrow is Election Day, meaning us Americans have just gone through months of propaganda and manipulation in an attempt to win our votes. Commercials released by both parties have left viewers traumatized, lawn signs have essentially become declarations of war, and each side has upped its antics to let everyone know they are on the right side of history. Despite the state of our nation, it’s hard to deny how captivating election night is. Staying up late, watching the votes get counted in each individual county of the seven states that actually matter, and laughing as shock sets in for newscasters on FOX/CNN as they begin to realize their candidate lost. Ratings have been so high for Election Day that they preemptively decided that this Election will span weeks, which I’m sure will be wonderful for the mental health of the nation. If I wanted to depress you though, I’d just recommend turning on any major news network. Instead, I’m going to list the most ridiculous political stunts pulled this year.


I will never understand the logic behind this stunt. If I were trying to convince someone that they should believe in my cause, I wouldn’t start with pissing them off by inconveniencing them. Whether it’s for the elections or protests, this move always has little upside, however, news networks eat it up so it does get coverage. In case you missed it, the self-declared Trump Train blocked highways and bridges all over the nation. Why? Couldn’t tell you. Best case scenario, you ruin someone’s day. Worst case scenario, you get run over by a pissed off soccer mom. Maybe the thrill of controlling traffic gives them the power they so desperately crave. I’m just grateful I never got stuck behind idiots blocking traffic, because I know I’d be enraged.


Biden has never been good at connecting with the young audience. Well, that’s not completely true; in person he connects for an uncomfortable amount of time with both his hands and nose. While both campaigns tend to have issues swaying young voters, Biden’s attempts are just so out of touch you can't help but laugh. I’d say the best way to get younger voters engaged is to have a young candidate with similar ideals to the target audience. Since that isn’t an option, Biden's team decided video games are the next logical step. In the past month, his team has opened maps in both Animal Crossing and Fortnite. In these maps, you can learn about his views and values. To be honest, it’s not the worst idea I’ve ever heard of, assuming twelve-year-olds could vote. I seriously doubt any adult who plays these games is using it to decide who will be the next president. This is targeted at children who will be able to vote in the upcoming election cycles. People use games as an escape from reality, so to see politics finding its way into the medium is disheartening.


After Trump swiftly defeated the coronavirus quicker than any human ever has, he wanted to make a statement. One would assume it was a message that he would eradicate the disease, or whatever drug cocktail he took would be available to the public, but no. His grand idea was to wear a Superman shirt under his suit that he would reveal as he left Walter Reed. While he ultimately decided not to go ahead with this publicity stunt, I wish he did. It’s honestly hilarious and the meme potential is off the charts. Yes, the fact that I’m basing a presidential decision off meme potential is sad, but it’s the world we live in.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Eddie if we can’t trust traffic blocking lunatics or video game maps, how should we decide who to vote for?” Great question! There’s a lot of misinformation out there, so I’d say using multiple sources is the best method. Starting with PolitiFact and VoteSmart, which are two good sites to reference. You can check how honest a candidate is and also see how they’ve voted in the past. Also keep in mind that there are more than two political parties, despite what most corporations would have you believe. At the end of the day, regardless of who you vote for, just make sure you actually vote and do your part.