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College Gameday Will Be Live From the Masters

Augusta National and College Gameday give us the crossover we need but don't deserve.


Immediately following Augusta National's announcement to postpone the Masters to November, my brain started to plan for the big November weekend. How many screens are we going to need? Who gets preference on the big screen? Important questions that needed to be planned accordingly.

Well, Augusta National just dropped this bomb on us:

Let's get a live look at every college football and golf fan:

The plan is for CBS to broadcast the 3rd round of the Masters transitioning to LSU vs. Alabama for the nightcap. An absolutely delightful day if you ask me. Imagine having Tiger in the mix leading into Alabama beating the shit out of LSU? On top of that, we got the boys coming down to Augusta in what might be the classiest College Gameday ever.

In the past few days, the Masters' Twitter account has me feeling some type of way. They need to stop dropping raunchy, NSFW content all over my timeline.

Seeing the Masters green gets the juices flowing. Also, what's better than when ESPN hits you with the Georgia on My Mind commercial?

It always puts a smile on my face. Little kids have teddy bears and blankets to comfort them, while I have the ESPN Masters commercial.

Buckle up everybody, because the weekend of November 13th is about to be wild. Make sure you have the proper setup. You don't want to be the guy that constantly flips the channel, neglecting what other friends want to watch. Also, due to unfortunate circumstances, the Masters afternoon nap might be canceled. Depending on how you plan your day, it could be hard to find a time slot to get some sleep considering college football and the NFL will be on.

It's time to brush up on your golf knowledge to get in proper bets and picks for whatever pool you join. We're only two weeks away from the first-ever Masters and football crossover. Mentally prepare yourself to remain glued to the couch while consuming a strict diet of pizza, wings, and light beer.

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