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The French President was slapped during his regional tour of southeast France

The French president was slapped during a public appearance.


I don't know what the political landscape is like in France. I'm not sure if the general population of France hates their president, but this guy did what every American dreams of doing. Someone slapped French president Emmanuel Macron while he was touring.

I know for a fact there are millions of crazy Republicans that want to slap the shit out of Joe Biden. There are for sure millions, maybe billions, that want to slap Donald Trump. I would love to slap the shit out of both. At the end of the day, these are rich assholes who try to relate with the common people. In actuality, they're removed from reality.

This guy has some balls though. We always hear people say they would do/say this and that if they ever meet someone they hate. But most of us would probably turtle and ask for a picture the second we see them. According to reports, the guy and one other person have been arrested.

Do you get a harsher penalty if you slap the president? Is there a different set of laws for assaulting the leader of your country? Regardless, this guy is probably viewed as a legend by some people in France.