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Takeaways From Super Wild Card Weekend

Key takeaways from an action-packed Wild Card Weekend.


This is how I felt at the end of the Browns vs. Steelers game last night.

Super Wild Card Weekend was awesome. Being able to sit down and watch playoff football all day from 1-11 is a dream come true. It gave me the first few days of March Madness vibes as games kept on popping up on the screen.

We had some long droughts come to an end and possibly the end for some legendary gunslingers. Super Wild Card Weekend gave us everything we wanted. Instead of giving you guys my five overall takeaways, I decided to go through every game in order. Let's get started with Colts vs. Bills.



Congrats to the Buffalo Bills for winning their first playoff game in 25 years. There's no fan base (maybe other than Cleveland) that deserved this win more than Bills Mafia. Although there were only 7,000 fans in the stadium, they were definitely heard all game long.

The Colts had every chance to win this game. Many will question Frank Reich's call for not kicking the field goal in the 2nd quarter to take a 13-7 lead. I understand people saying he should've kicked the field goal since they lost the game by three. I agree with Reich's decision to go for it. The Colts weren't going to beat the Bills by kicking field goals. The Bills had the hottest offense in the league coming into the game, so when you have a chance to score touchdowns you have to take it.

Josh Allen had some eye-opening plays, but the Colts defense did a pretty good job limiting him throughout the game. At the end of the day, you know Josh Allen had to make one or two explosive plays, and he did just that.

Lastly, we might've witnessed the last two-minute drive of Philip Rivers career. It didn't end in a pick as we all wanted. This ended with a sad Hail Mary attempt that didn't even reach the end zone.

If this is the end for a legend, I just want to say thank you. There's no QB I would rather watch in the 2 minute drill other than Philip Rivers. You just never know what's going to happen.


... Yikes Seattle.

I know the Rams have the best defense in the league. But when all you hear about is how good your offense is, you can't lay a dud like that. Also, how do you lose to John Wolford and Jared Goff with a broken thumb on his throwing hand?

This was the worst game of the weekend. It was like watching a week 3 game where teams were still trying to figure out their identity. The game started with a terrible non-call.

This is called every weekend. Whenever someone gets hit in the head, especially a QB, we see a flag thrown every time. Just because it's John Wolford, the refs are going to let it go??? After seeing Wolford being taken to the hospital, it's good to hear there were no major injuries suffered.

The Rams defense showed why they're the best in the league. Jalen Ramsey dominated Metcalf, other than that broken play. Aaron Donald and the rest of that front seven were able to get after Russ all day long. Also, gotta give props to Jared Goff playing with a broken thumb. It was clear he couldn't throw the ball well. Everything he threw was a duck that didn't have much velocity. Rams vs. Packers is a good matchup next week, especially if the defense can keep doing what they've been doing.

For Seattle, they're going into the offseason with a lot of questions. Can they have long-term success on offense, especially if Brian Schottenheimer is the offensive coordinator?


The fairy-tale story comes to an end for the Washington Football Team.

Although the team only went 7-9, I feel like this season couldn't have gone any better for Ron Rivera on the football field. After battling cancer and beating it, Rivera got the most out of a depleted roster.

To be honest, I thought the Bucs were going to run away with the game in the second half. Being down 18-7, I didn't know where Washington was going to get their points from. Then, Tyler Heinicke happened and stole America's hearts.

This game could've been a blowout in the second half, but Heinicke kept America entertained. For that reason, he should get a chance to start for the WFT next season.

So the Bucs won their game they were expected to win. Can they finally silence the haters next week and get the big win in New Orleans? This has been the story of Tampa Bay all season. It's great you can beat down on lesser teams. Can they beat the big dogs like the Saints and Packers?

I think they can. I don't know what it was earlier in the season, but it seems like the offense is finally clicking. Mike Evans is an absolute beast, AB is looking like AB, and Tommy looks like he's not a 43-year-old QB. We'll see what happens, but the Bucs seems to be peaking at the right time.


Lamar finally gets the monkey off his back. He can finally tell people to fuck off because he has a playoff win under his belt.

The NFL is weird. The Titans offense carried their team all year, just for it to fall flat when it matters the most. People were concerned about the Titans defense, but it was their offense that couldn't get going. The Ravens were able to stop the best running back in the league for 40 yards. They were also able to limit Ryan Tannehill and the passing game for under 200 yards. Vrabel basically surrendered the game when he decided to punt on 4th and 2 on the Ravens 40.

Credit to Wink Martindale and the Ravens defense for drawing up a gameplan to slow down Henry. At the end of the day, the Ravens won because they were able to get an explosive, game-changing play from Lamar. Something the Titans were desperately looking for all game, as Derrick Henry has done it so many times this season.

Just a friendly reminder that Next Gen Stats told us Daniel Jones ran faster than Lamar. Lol.

The Ravens finally beat the Titans after losing the past two meetings against them. These teams hate each other and John Harbaugh had an interesting quote at the end of the game.

Did John Harbaugh forget he won a Super Bowl? Regardless, the emotions you saw from Ravens players show how much these teams hate each other.

The Ravens are playing with a chip on their shoulder. I wouldn't be surprised if they carry this momentum to the Super Bowl.


Why was this game even a playoff game?

Man, the Bears offense is absolutely abysmal. They had one play that could've completely change the game, and it ended up with one of the worst drops I have ever seen.

If this game wasn't on Nickelodeon, it would've been terrible. The slime zone was electric, Young Sheldon explaining penalties was very informative, and seeing player comparisons like this is going to change the game forever.

Also, the internet can be so cruel sometimes. Of course, the NVP (Nickelodeon Valuable Player) went to Mitch Trubisky because everyone wants to see chaos.

In my eyes, the most valuable trophy an NFL player could get. Only one player in the history of the NFL can claim they won the NVP.

For the Saints, I don't know if they were playing this game on cruise control. It seemed like they knew they were going to win the whole time. If they gave 75% effort, they knew Mitch and the Bears offense wasn't going to score. Drew Brees looks very old out there, but as long as he can keep the offense on track, they should be fine. When it comes to crunch time and the Saints need a touchdown, that's where Drew Brees worries me. Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans part three should live up to the hype. Which middle-aged QB is going to move on to the NFC Championship?


Wow. All I can say is wow. Going into this game, I thought the Browns didn't have a chance. No head coach and a ton of players from their roster missing. Instead, the Steelers blew the game. They looked like a team that wasn't ready to play.

The Browns dominated the Steelers. The game was over when Mike Pouncey airmailed the snap on the first play. Once the Browns recovered the touchdown, they never looked back. There was a little scare in the second half, but the Browns were on cruise control. All they had to do was take care of the ball and manage the clock. It was clear the Steelers weren't ready to play. It's crazy considering the Browns haven't practiced in person in like three weeks.

After starting the season 11-0, the Steelers closed out going 1-5. One of the biggest collapses I've seen in a long time. It was also sad to see Big Ben crying on the sideline. Just like Philip Rivers, it seems like Big Ben played his last snap.

After the loss, it seemed like everyone was coming down on Juju. Especially after the comments he made earlier this week.

Bleacher Report

Of course, the Browns had some fun with that quote after the big win.

I'm so happy for the Browns. They got to snap their playoff win and Heinz Field drought all in one night. Let's see if they can carry some magic into Kansas City in what should be a heavyweight fight.

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