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Taco Bell is now offering a subscription service

Taco Bell has entered the subscription service game. The Taco Lover's Pass is every taco lover's dream.


We now live in a society where everything is on a subscription plan. You look at your bank account every month and question how you spent over $100 on useless subscriptions you never use. Taco Bell is offering a subscription that might be hard to turn down.

Taco Bell will be testing out this subscription at several locations in Tuscon, Arizona. Prices will range from anywhere between $5-$10 depending on location.

Hmmm... I wonder why the obesity rate in America is going up. For a college kid, this is a dream. For $10 per month, dinner is figured out every night. I don't think college kids would get tired of Taco Bell either. In the college community, there isn't a fast-food chain that's more beloved than Taco Bell.

What's next for Taco Bell? Is it possible to top the Doritos Loco Taco or Crunchwrap Supreme? They are definitely responsible for some of the greatest food inventions the fast-food game has seen. Plus, they make unbelievable commercials.

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