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Taco Bell employee arrested after setting off fireworks inside, causing the restaurant to catch on fire

Taco Bell employee is arrested after burning down the building with fireworks.


When your boss is away from work, you tend to get a little lazier. Whether you check your phone a few more times throughout the day or take a few more trips to the bathroom, you feel like you can work freely, as you don't have someone looking over your shoulder to see what you're doing at every moment.

A Taco Bell employee took it another step and lit up fireworks inside the building, leading to the restaurant burning down. After an investigation was launched, employees were caught on the surveillance cameras lighting fireworks.

“According to the surveillance footage, the employees can be seen locking the doors to the dining room to keep customers from entering the business,” the fire department said in the statement. “The video then shows the employees running around the inside of the store with fireworks in their hands.”- ABC News

Locking customers out of the restaurant because you're lighting fireworks? Yikes. That's when you know they gave up on the day.

“Employees are seen using their cell phone cameras to record the trash can from the outside of the restaurant,” the fire department said. “Employees then realized they locked themselves out of the restaurant. The employees tried unsuccessfully to get back into the store. When the employees saw the trash can start to smoke, they called 911 for help.”- ABC News

Of course, they had to get lighting fireworks for their Instagram story. The image of them realizing they locked themselves out and messed up is absolutely hilarious. Can the Nashville fire department please release the footage?

The investigation is ongoing, but shift leader Courtney Mayes was arrested and taken into custody. It's all fun and games until you burn down your restaurant and sit in a jail cell.