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Snow Shuts Down the Entire State of Texas

A few inches of snow has crippled Texas.


Being a kid from the northeast, I fully admit the snow sucks. Unless you're a kid hoping for a snow day, there's nothing fun about the snow. According to the National Safety Council, shoveling is responsible for thousands of injuries and as many as 100 deaths per year. Imagine dying because you had to shovel out your driveway to get milk and eggs from the grocery store?

If you haven't heard by now, the whole country is going through a cold-wave. Is that the right term? Anyways, it seems like every state other than Florida has been getting fucked over with the cold.

I'm assuming 53 degrees in LA is the equivalent to -5 in Chicago.

The one state that's really getting fucked over is Texas. The entire state is under a state of emergency because they simply don't know what to do. Us folks that live up north can call them pussies all we want, but what are they supposed to do! We're at least prepared with shovels, plows, salt, and all the necessities needed to combat a snowstorm. Do you think the people of Houston ever shoveled in their life? Millions don't have power and at least 17 people are dead because of the snowstorm.

Pretty crazy a snow storm shut down Texas more than COVID did.

My favorite part of this whole fiasco is this mayor calling everyone pussies.

Yeah, the city that you pay thousands of dollars in taxes owes you NOTHING!!! The utilities you pay for every month? Sorry, you're out of luck. As someone that deals with snow every year, I agree. Only the strong survive. We get no help from our local government. We have to shovel out our streets ourselves and if our power goes out, we grab a ladder and fix that shit on our own. Who needs other people to help out when we have God?

Honestly though, how do people like this get elected into a public position? Luckily for the residents of Colorado City, Texas, Tim Boyd resigned after his ridiculous rant. Ranting on Facebook never goes well for anyone.

So like, is the world ending? Seriously. I sit here in the northeast, where it was nearly 50 degrees yesterday. During this time of year, I'm usually depressed counting down the days to Spring. Some Freaky Friday shit between us and Texas when it comes to weather.