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Sean Payton Wants To Quarantine 50,000 Fans Before Their Playoff Game

I'm sure the line would be out the door if this was actually a thing.


Sean Payton has had enough with these limited fans. He's going all in, wanting to quarantine 50,000 fans before the Saints playoff game.

According to ProFootballTalk, Payton was 100% serious.

I think it's a genius idea for the Saints to create their own bubble to get the Superdome rocking again. Obviously, it's not realistic with the logistics and inevitable lawsuits to follow.

Can the Saints get 50,000 fans to quarantine? Absolutely. Now, I'm not saying they will oblige to the rules, considering how the country has dealt with COVID. Regardless, I think you can easily find 50,000 fans to watch what could be Drew Brees's last game.

I'm surprised this wasn't an idea that was floated earlier by the NFL. The league will do anything in their power to profit a few extra dollars. If they let fans sign a waiver saying they're not responsible if they get COVID, every NFL stadium would've been packed.

For Payton, he's going to have to beat the Bears with only 3,000 fans from Who Dat Nation. Who knows. If this movement gets enough traction, anything is possible. Just look at what happened in Buffalo. I thought there was no chance Cuomo would let fans attend their game, but it's happening. Unfortunately, we will most likely have to wait for next season to see whistle man do his thing again.

Perry Knotts, AP
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