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Richard Branson wins the billionaire race to space

Richard Branson beats Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk for the Race to Space.


Over the past few years, billionaires got bored of what was happening on earth. When you dominate everything you do on planet earth, I guess it's understandable to want to see what else is out there. Richard Branson won the billionaire 'Race to Space'. He beats out Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, who's also trying to explore space.

Branson and five other people traveled 50 miles above the earth in his Virgin Galactic rocket. They were able to experience weightlessness for a few minutes before coming back down to earth.

You know deep down, the other billionaires were pissed. These guys have crazy egos, and all definitely wanted to be the first billionaire to be shot up into the unknown. Now with Branson going to space, you know Bezos is doing anything he can to one-up Branson. When Bezos announced he was going to space, Branson sped up his process to get there first.

It also shows how different billionaires are from millionaires. It's a different type of rich. Imagine planning a whole trip to space because you feel like it? Normal people plan trips to Hawaii or Bora Bora. That's what happens when you can buy anything you want on earth. Might as well conquer the rest of the universe after dominating this planet.

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