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People Are Upset Kids Want To Be Social Media Influencers When They Grow Up

People are upset kids want to be YouTubers.


Are people really surprised that today's generation of kids want to be social media influencers?

There's obviously been a huge change regarding how people entertain themselves. People are no longer rushing to their TVs to catch their favorite show. We live in a society now where social media stars outshine actors/actresses. No one cares about the lead role in whatever remake Disney is putting on. They care about the guys that dance with their shirts off and give you seductive looks.

TikTok has forever changed the game. I mean, you no longer need real talent to become famous. As long as you're decent-looking and can move your hips a little, there's a chance you can become one of the biggest stars on social media.

People always have something to complain about. Blaming our society for not producing enough "ambitious" role models. I like to shit on social media influencers a lot, but I don't think people realize it still takes a good amount of work. You see some of these content creators on YouTube pumping out 3-4 videos a week. Hey, whenever there's something new and untraditional, people are going to shit on it for no reason.

I guess the correct answer to please boomers would have been actor/actress. To be honest, I'm upset so many kids want to be YouTube stars. I don't want to see a bunch of shitty YouTube videos flooding my feed in the future.

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