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Nickelodeon Broadcast of NFL Playoff Game to Include SpongeBob, Slime, and Googly Eyes

Get ready for slime, SpongeBob, and Googly Eyes.


Just like every league in the world, the NFL is trying to reach a younger audience. Earlier this year, the NFL announced one of the Wild Card games is going to be simulcasted to Nickelodeon. It left people confused, some even mad, why the NFL will do this.

CBS and Nickelodeon announced what their plans are for the broadcast. They're going to incorporate all the Nickelodeon traditions including slime, SpongeBob field goal posts, and googly eyes on players.

People are upset they have to watch a playoff game with all the extra features. For boomers, they can watch a traditional CBS broadcast. I understand that the NFL is trying to capture the younger audience, but is this the way? I feel like Addison Rae or one of the Sway House boys promoting it would get way more kids to watch the game.

If you don't want all the extra features, don't watch the Nickelodeon broadcast. Plain and simple. For me, I'll tune in to Nickelodeon for a little. I always find it funny how old middle-aged white men try to relate to the younger audience. Most of the time they fail miserably, and I expect similar results with this grand, old Nickelodeon plan.