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Modern Warfare has been Cancelled

Break open your wallets boys, TreyArch is coming and shes hungry


If you are a gamer between the ages of 10-55 there is no doubt you have at one time played Call of Duty. Arguably the most well-known video game franchises ever, it has pumped out a new game year after year dating back to 2008. The most recent addition to the catalog, Modern Warfare, is packed with so much content, that for a moment in time I believed they might take a year off and develop a stellar sequel. However the wheels of capitalism keep on churning, and this year we will get Call of Duty: Black Ops. Again.

Now anyone who is a fan of the series knows that two studios create Call of Duty games, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch. Infinity Ward is known for its addicting multiplayer, solid storylines, and fresh gameplay from year to year. Treyarch on the other hand invented Nazi Zombies and has been beating that horse for over a decade. I assume they saw the success of the Modern Warfare remake and decided they should try to replicate their last good game.

Full disclosure, after the original Black Ops I took an extended break from Call of Duty. It was just too much of the same every single year. The grind lost its allure and as a fresh college student, I decided the $60 was better spent on Natty Lite and late-night McDonald’s runs. However, the new Modern Warfare sucked me right back in. A remake of one of my favorite games combined with the best weapon customization I’ve ever seen. Not to mention that Warzone was slated to be released sometime after the game’s release. They hung the bait right in front of me and I bit down, hard. Honestly, I don't even mind, I've been having a ball.

As for the new COD, we will see. Infinity Ward has certainly buttered me up but Treyarch loves letting me down. I do enjoy the Cold War setting but they didn't blow me away last time so I’m not inclined to believe they will do any better in 2020. If a spy-themed campaign with stealth/espionage missions is included I could be intrigued. Unfortunately, I just know too damn well that halfway through I'll be mindlessly mowing down hordes of AI. Also, I’m not a big zombies guy, sue me. The mindlessness of the gameplay mixed with no clear objective other than survival got old once I saw a titty but to each their own! I'm going to have to wait on Black Ops, read the reviews, watch some videos, and try their (hopefully) free royale mode before I purchase it.

The most upsetting thing about this news to me is that there is a very real possibility that Modern Warfares updates will be coming to an end with the release of this Treyarch bullshit. It's such a great game and I would hate to see it die because kids pumped up on Adderall and Mountain Dew want to run in circles and kill zombies.

Sidenote, but did the Vietnam and Korean wars not happen? Two great times in American history to explore with unique landscapes. Seems like a layup to me but what do I know, I’m just a mindless consumer. Until then, meet me in Verdansk boys.