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Man Tells Daughter To Open Can of Beans, Internet Has a Field Day

I've seen Black Mirror episodes with a worse plot than this.


Every child learns a lesson they'll never forget. I’m not talking about educational lessons, I’m talking about the times a child has learned something the hard way. For me, it was that you need to watch where you are going when riding a bike. The last thing I wanted was to end up on the hood of a parked car again. Sometimes these moments are self-taught, and sometimes they are taught to us by adults. That's where “Bean Dad” comes into the picture. A man on Twitter gave live updates as he watched his daughter struggle to open a can of beans she wanted him to make. In the now deleted tweets, he claims she struggled with the can for “6 hours”.

Of course, the internet couldn't let this go. Despite being an obviously hammed up story from a chuckling father as his daughter learns, the incels decided to attack. Unsure if they should cancel the man or turn him into a meme, they decided to do both. While the initial story was harmless, it of course ended in Bean Dad being publicly called a racist, a homophobe, a sexist, and a shitty parent. People also claimed that the daughter would have permanent eating disorders from the “trauma”. Bean Dad decided the best course of action was to delete the tweets in an attempt to fade back into obscurity before the Karens decide to call his place of work.


While I would like to assume everything will work out for Bean Dad, I’ve been down this road before. There are two paths for Bean Dad going forward. The first is he becomes an internet hero of sorts, and the other is he is publicly shamed whenever he steps out of his house, no in-between. As for why the outcry was so prominent, there are also two reasons, and they go hand in hand. People who tell parents how to raise their child over the internet are the same people who will freak out over anything, and most online trolls were neglected as children.

I’m just glad the first controversy of 2021 was over a can of beans and not bushfires or WW3. Soon we will forget all about this fiasco as new networks become a nonstop highlight reel of death, disease, and politics. Until then, I will keep a close eye on the Bean Dad saga. I have a feeling that part two of this story is lurking just around the corner.