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Man pays $28 million to fly in Jeff Bezos' spaceship

The modern-day race to space is on! A very rich man buys a seat to space with Jeff Bezos for $28 million.


Rich people used to spend their money on cars, yachts, houses, and whatever awesome thing they could get their hands on. They would beat out their other rich friends to invest in the next great technology trend or software. Now, billionaires are racing to see who can make it to space.

Not too long ago, Jeff Bezos announced he and his brother will be going into space.

I'm not quite sure about the obsession billionaires have with space. I guess when you accomplish and dominate everything you do on earth, you get bored and want to venture out into space. This could also be a post-divorce crisis for Bezos. Some men buy a motorcycle or get a regrettable tattoo for their mid-life crisis. Bezos said, bring me to space so I can leave these peasants on earth.

Bezos and Blue Origin auctioned off a spot for their space trip, and one man paid $28 MILLION to join Bezos.

Me personally, I would spend $28 million elsewhere, but again, I'm not a crazy rich dude so I'd never understand.

I don't get excited about space. I'm happy to keep my two feet on earth. But I guess that's what separates me and billionaires. As I said, these billionaires have probably accomplished everything they want. The next step for them is dominating space. It's like the space race back in the '50s, but this time it's with snobby billionaires. Bezos wants to one-up Musk and Musk wants to do the same.

Must be nice to spend $28 million for an 11-minute trip. That's the definition of fuck you money.

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