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Ladies and Gentlemen, Doc Rivers is now Glenn

Hey Philadelphia, meet your new head coach Glenn Rivers!

Stephen A. Bayless

Doc Rivers, I'm sorry GLENN RIVERS is trying to leave all the bad coaching juju behind him in LA.

Rivers was named the new head coach of the Sixers and he's going through a heavy rebrand. If he blows a 3-1 lead in Philly, he might not make it out alive.

The main reason he wants to change his name is that "there's only one Doc in Philly, Dr. J" Let's be honest now, you changed your name so people can forget all the times you lost with loaded rosters. I'm sure you respect Dr. J but we'll never forget what happened this year or all the other times your 3-1 leads disappeared.

What do I think of the hire though? I like it. What the Sixers needed was a guy that sets the culture and call people out. It felt like Embiid and Simmons walked all over Brett Brown and there was no sense of urgency.  "Glenn" at the very least will set a positive culture and let his stars know what he needs from them. I also think he'll be just fine in Philly. This is a guy that understands what pro sports mean to the cities in the Northeast.

It's just a tough adjustment having to go from Doc to Glenn. There have been tons of name changes in sports history but at least they went from normal to cool. Cassius Clay to Muhammed Ali, Lew Alcindor to Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Chad Johnson to Chad Ochocinco. Glenn Rivers though? Sounds like a Political Science professor at a community college.

Will Rivers fail again with a talented roster even with the name change? Most definitely yes.

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