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Kurt Warner's new movie looks terrible

A movie about Kurt Warner's life is coming out, and boy does it look awful.


Are they serious about this? Or is this an SNL sketch? A sneak peek of Kurt Warner's biopic American Underdog came out and it looks terrible.

When I first heard Warner's life was going to be made into a movie, I didn't scoff at it like the thousands of other terrible biopics. If you have over 100,000 followers on Instagram, Hollywood is bound to call you to make a movie about your life. Warner has lived a fascinating life. Going from restocking shelves at a local Iowa grocery store to Super Bowl champion is something you see in movies. The American Dream! A perfect match! Nope. The sneak peek made it look like it's going to be a shitty Hallmark movie you'd scroll by on a Saturday mid-day.

Everything seems off with this movie. From the uniforms to the way Zachary Levi throws the ball. This is a first look into the movie so I understand the movie itself could look completely different. But you're telling me some of the best actors, producers, and directors in Hollywood couldn't create a better sneak peek video than this?

Kurt Warner's career doesn't deserve a movie like this. Hopefully Hollywood figures this out before its premiere.

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