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Kevin James To Play Sean Payton in New Netflix Movie

Kevin James is expected to play Sean Payton in a new Netflix movie.


As a hardcore football guy, it must hurt Sean Payton to find out Kevin James is playing you during one of the worst times of your career. Peter King has been on a roll for reporting weird off the field things lately. When people ask who would play you in a movie, the answer is usually Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, or Leonardo DiCaprio. It's a movie! Whoever plays you should look 10x better than what you actually look like. Instead, Payton gets Paul Blart.

Nothing against Kevin James. I'm sure he will play a fine role as a sixth-grade football coach. He's played the dad role plenty of times. Payton, who's a decent-looking guy, must be thinking "was there no one else Netflix could have cast?"

So with Kevin James being the lead role, is Netflix planning on making a family friendly movie about Bountygate? Do they know why Payton was suspended for a year? Gregg Williams screaming out his players to knock out Brett Favre isn't very family friendly. I expect a 27% Rotten Tomatoes score when this comes out.

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