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Kanye West shares his dorm room inside Mercedes Benz Stadium

As Kanye West is working on his new album, he shared his living situation inside Mercedes Benz Stadium.


Kanye West's new album Donda was supposed to release last Friday. A few days later and everyone is still waiting for Kanye to drop his new album. While many people are freaking out about whether the album is ever going to be released or not, Kanye shared his living situation inside Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Kanye obviously does things differently than the normal person. But this room is ridiculous. I've seen prison cells look more appealing than this. With all that Yeezy money, can my guy at least get a room with a window? I guess this is how creative geniuses get their ideas. This room was made for a recent college graduate who's paying $1,500 for a studio in Midtown Manhattan.

As if living inside a stadium wasn't crazy enough, Kanye refuses to show his face in public. He's been wearing a mask that looks like pantyhose.

To be honest, I don't care what Kanye does. All I want is one more banger of an album from him. He can wear creepy masks and live in a janitor's closet all he wants if this is how he's going to get his creative juices flowing.

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