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Jets Released Le'Veon and the Purge Has Begun

Le'Veon Bell is the first victim of the 2020 New York Jets Purge.


The Bills vs. Titans game may have been a blowout, but at least there were some fireworks off the field.

It was reported earlier that the Jets were trying to trade Le'Veon. Schefter later revealed that the Jets were trying to trade him for weeks dating all the way back to last year.

I don't blame Douglas for letting Le'Veon go. He obviously didn't fit with the franchise and it was a move that was eventually going to happen. All Douglas is doing is cleaning house for the mess Maccagnan left him. Pretty crazy to think that Gase lasted longer than the man that they gave a $52 million contract.

Le'Veon is clearly happy with the decision the Jets made tonight.

Regarding where he goes next, I thought of a few interesting destinations. My initial reaction to being a dumb sports fan was Pittsburgh. He obviously knows the franchise well and a platoon between him and Conner could be dynamic. The only thing is I'm not quite sure about his relationship status with the organization. If there's a homecoming, the Steelers are absolute gurus for getting him back while the Jets pay for his salary. Good organizations always win.

The next spot was Los Angeles. Can Sean McVay make Le'Veon a Pro Bowler again? If Le'Veon still has juice, I certainly think so. The Rams are another team that can make a run for the Super Bowl, and having Le'Veon as a receiving threat out of the backfield would be lethal. The Rams currently rank 8th in rushing, so adding Le'Veon as a dynamic pass catcher along with Woods, Kupp, and Higbee could bring us back to 2018.

People are going to rag on the Jets but it's the right move for the future. I'm sure Gase will be gone in the next few weeks. Douglas can finally construct his team that Jets fans have been salivating for.

So what's after Gase? A Darnold trade and securing the 1st overall pick? Regardless, the Jets are looking at a long, dark road before they get to see clear skies and rainbows.

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