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Jags Fans Are Trying To Screw Over the Vikings

Jags fans are trying to move up in the draft.


You got to love this move from Duval Nation.

Yannick Ngakoue didn't have the prettiest break-up with Jacksonville. After publicly requesting a trade and dragging the franchise down, he finally got his wish in the offseason. It only took multiple tantrums and fighting with the owner's son on Twitter!

I'm not sure what the full details of the trade were. It appears if Yannick becomes a Pro Bowler, the 4th round pick the Jags got turns into a 3rd. If I were a Jags fan, hell yeah I'm spamming the Pro Bowl voting to get Yannick in there. A 3rd round pick is nothing to scoff at. Jags fans suffer enough, so let's help out the little franchise in Jacksonville.

Of course, this will be terrible for the Vikings because.... they traded Yannick to Baltimore right before the trade deadline. They got another third from Baltimore, so it will ease the pain a little.

As an NFL community, let's support Jacksonville and turn this dream into a reality. It might be the only time fans can directly impact the NFL Draft.

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