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It's Time for JuJu Smith-Schuster To Retire..... From TikTok

Is it time for JuJu to hang it up?


To be honest, JuJu is probably in the top 10 for most recognizable NFL players. He's definitely top 5 for kids under the age of 16.

It's not necessarily because of his play on the field. He's become one of the biggest internet personalities in sports. From TikTok to YouTube, JuJu has been plastered all over the internet.

People may have their opinions on JuJu, but I think everyone agrees on one thing. STOP DANCING ON LOGOS BEFORE THE GAME.

It's backfired on him two weeks in a row. I know for a fact the Yinzers in Pittsburgh are ready to maul him if he keeps dancing for TikTok.

Fortunately for Steelers fans, it's time for JuJu to give up the internet after Von Bell laid this hit on him.

Yikes. Doing a dance that's for 10-year-old girls during pregame only to getting absolutely destroyed in front of America.

If I were Mike Tomlin, I'm taking JuJu's phone and deleting every social media app downloaded. Losing to the Bengals on Monday night? Going 0-3 your past three games? It's time for the Steelers to put the phone down and get to work because they're in danger of losing this division.

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