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It's a Good Day to be a Rat

Bomb-sniffing rat has more purpose than you, and its nothing to be ashamed of.

Big Tasty

Ever since the black plague, humans have resented rats. They are a disease-carrying vermin that can fit through virtually any hole or crack to sneak into a building. From the renaissance forward, rats have become associated with snitches, filth, and poverty. In modern society, we use rats to test perfume, medicine and set off bombs. They are paying dearly for their ancestor’s mistakes by being our test subjects. Having an association with a rat in any way is considered demeaning. However, one little beast has risen the ranks; a rat named Magwa has gone from a meat shield to a gold medal recipient.

Two modern rats spotted in NYC

Much of the Congo and the rest of Africa are littered in mines from previous wars, some dating back as far as World War 2. Many of the minefields have been avoided, but unfortunately, one is set off every so often.

Most people don’t want to live surrounded by minefields, so they searched for a solution. Remembering their disdain for rats, they decided to train rats to be able to detect mines via smell. The typical rodent is too light to set off the bomb, and even if they do set it off, who cares!

That was until one little bastard started to shine. Magwa was the Tom Brady of bomb-sniffing. Over the course of his career, he cleared over 34 acres worth of minefields. For his heroics he was awarded a gold medal, and if I must say he looks phenomenal wearing it.

Next time you go to call someone a rat, think again. Magwa has saved more lives than the average human, and on top of that he has more gold medals than Kareem, Wilt, and Pete Marovich combined. If that doesn’t ascend him to GOAT status I’m just not sure what would. From this day onward, being called a rat is a sign of respect and honor.