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Is Aaron Rodgers going to end up in Denver?

There have been multiple rumors about where Aaron Rodgers is going to end up. Does Denver make the most sense?


When Adam Schefter dropped the bomb of Aaron Rodgers wanting out of Green Bay, everyone immediately put together their list of why their team is perfect for Aaron Rodgers. We all saw this coming when the Packers blindsided Rodgers by trading up for Jordan Love in last year's draft. The question is, where does Rodgers end up?

There have been a million rumors flying around, but the team that makes the most sense to me is the Denver Broncos. If I were the Broncos and looked at my roster, the biggest weakness on my team is the QB position. The defense is loaded with talent and you have some nice pieces on the offense. You also look around the division and you need to compete with Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert. There's no chance they have confidence rolling with Drew Lock out there. Imagine Rodgers throwing to Sutton, Jeudy, and Fant? Rodgers would vault the Broncos into Super Bowl contention the second he steps foot in Denver. Just like in 2012 when the Broncos signed Peyton Manning, the team had the roster to compete, they were just missing the final piece.

As Green Bay insists they are not trading Rodgers, his favorite target appears to know what's coming.

It seems like the only way Rodgers stays in Green Bay at this point is if GM Brian Gutekunst gets fired.

People also pointed out Rodgers' new wife, Shailene Woodley, lives outside of Denver... All signs are pointing to Denver so let's see if they can get a deal done. It worked out pretty well the last time they got an aging Hall of Fame QB.

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