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Hollywood Sign Falls Victim To Pranksters

Who doesn't appreciate a well executed prank?


Online pranks have become unbearable in the last decade. What were once original, harmless pranks like pretending to piss with a water bottle, have evolved into staged pranks for views. Or even worse, “pranks'' that aren't funny. These typically involve injuring strangers or making someone's life miserable. The best example of a shitty new-age prank is a delinquent walking into a store, smashing two gallons of milk, and leaving. That’s not funny, it's just a petty crime that was recorded.

However, that original practical humor was back in the world yesterday for a fleeting moment. A group of five men and one female scaled the hill underneath the famous Hollywood sign in order to pull off their stunt. By the time they reached the sign a helicopter was already hovering as they draped a giant letter “B” over the “W”. They also added a white dash though the letter “D".  This revealed their master plan, making the sign say HOLLYBOOB. While breasts jokes are overplayed and childish, you can't help but smirk at the effort they went through for this gag. No one was injured, no property was destroyed, no one had to meticulously wipe milk off of dozens of products. All in all a harmless joke. Unfortunately, they still trespassed on government property and for that they were arrested, but released the same day.

In my eyes, these guys are legends. They claim they did it for “breast cancer awareness” but we all know that is just their moral rationalization for their childish practical joke. Maybe this will spark an interest in genuine jokes once more. Prank channels used to be the backbone of YouTube. Now they have all run out of ideas, reusing crappy TikTok pranks that they had scripted and rehearsed. I’m enjoying this current trend of high effort pranks, like the monolith in the dessert from a few months ago. It takes a lot of effort to be original, and I will reward this group's originality with a subscription and a like when they release the video. I’m glad they got away with just a slap on the wrist, hopefully they bring in the new era of YouTube pranksters.