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Ford announces their brand new electric truck

Finally, an electric truck that looks normal. Ford announces their brand new electric truck.


Finally, a normal looking electric truck is hitting the market. One that doesn't look like you're driving a big rover from Mars or something that was designed in Minecraft.

The new Ford F-150 Lightning was announced today. It looks like a normal truck. It doesn't look like it was designed for the future. It's that classic look that everyone knows and loves.

The base model starts at $39,974 with 230 miles of range. The extended range model can go up to 300 miles with pricing around $50,000. Ford is starting to accept $100 deposits starting today. The new F-150 lightning can hit 0-60 in the mid-four seconds range. That will be the quickest in the F-150 line.

I'm not going to act like I know cars. I certainly don't know much about electric cars. They have definitely piqued my interest, especially with how popular Teslas are becoming. It seems like every car company is following in Elon's footsteps. In a few decades, who knows if gas-powered cars will even be a thing. If we eliminate cars that run on gas, we might be able to avoid situations like these.

I'm just glad they made a truck that looks normal. Everyone is trying to one-up each other in design. Can we just have normal looking cars? Maybe a simple mind like myself will never understand the complexity of these designs. Elon Musk stans drool over everything he does. He could put out a cardboard box with wheels, and it would probably sell out. If Elon farted in a plastic bottle, how much do you think he could sell his fart for? Thousands? Could he hit millions?

If I have to choose between any of these trucks based on design, give me the F-150 all day.