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Disney adults are in tears after the reopening of Disneyland

Disneyland reopened for the first time in 13 months and Disney adults are in tears because of it.


One of my favorite groups of people on the internet is Disney adults. The weird, grown adults who obsess over a themed park made for children. I don't hate theme parks. I actually enjoy them a lot. There's nothing better than a thrill of a rollercoaster.

There are people that enjoy the occasional trip to Disney and then we have full-blown Disney adults. The type of people that make it a yearly trip, sometimes multiple times a year. They walk around Magic Kingdom wearing their Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears and rock their favorite Disney shirt. They're also the ones that freak out when they see Snow White and push kids out of the way to get their fifteenth picture with her.

Disneyland in California reopened for the first time in 13 months. Let's just say it was an emotional day for the Disney adults...

Yes, literal tears coming down the face of grown-ass adults. They do know that they could've gone to Disney World (which is 100x better than Disneyland) all this time, right?

Although these people creep me out a little, maybe I'm just jealous that they all have a passion for something I wish I had? Lol, nah. It's actually incredibly weird to cry over a theme park. This brings me to this point. What's weirder? Grown adults crying over theme parks or crying over sports? How about the adults that cry over Harry Potter or Marvel movies? There are adults everywhere that cry over ridiculous things.

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