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Derrick Henry Sends Josh Norman to Mars in Blowout Victory

Derrick Henry made Josh Norman look like a little kid.


The Titans came out Tuesday night and silenced every hater with a dominating win over the Bills.

The Titans obviously have been on the hot seat the past 2 weeks by failing to oblige to the NFL COVID protocols. Everyone was throwing shots at the Titans for potentially ruining the NFL season along with messing up the schedule. Was it fair for the Bills to pivot their next 2 weeks because the Titans screwed up? Probably not, but it's a ruthless league and everyone knew they were going to have to adjust this season.

Obviously, the highlight of the night was Derrick Henry absolutely abusing Josh Norman with one of the most vicious stiff arms I've ever seen.

It's unfortunate for Norman because no corner had a chance there.

With a play that vicious and embarrassing, the memes instantly poured in.

Other than the stiff arm, not much happened. Josh Allen couldn't get into a rhythm and the Titans were able to dominate all 3 phases of the ball. The road doesn't get easier for Buffalo as they now have Kansas City on Monday night.

I'll give a pass to the Bills for now as they got the short end of the stick. For the Titans, please just follow the rules and try not to shut down the NFL season? Thanks, that would be great.

In the meantime, I'll be playing the stiff arm on loop because it's one of the most beautiful clips I've ever had the chance to lay my eyes on.

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