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Daryl Morey Agrees to Join 76ers Front Office

Can the 76ers finally get over the hump?

Stephen A. Bayless

When Daryl Morey stepped down from the Rockets GM position, many questioned what his next move would be. Would he take a break from the game? Maybe take his talents to a different league? Woj answered all the questions today.

Good move for the Sixers. They landed one of the most respected front office executives to help them move forward with the process. Unfortunately, Elton Brand is expected to stay on as GM. Sorry Philly fans.  

Although the Sixers have made the playoffs the past few years, there are still issues that need to be addressed. Already fans are begging to move on from Al Horford and his ridiculous contract. I think it's safe to say the Embiid-Horford experiment is over. They have to somehow get that contract off the books. The Sixers desperately need some three-point shooting. To be honest, Brand should've been fired the second he made that move. In a league where teams are shying away from bigs, Brand thought it was a good idea to add another premium center. If we know anything about Morey's Rockets team last year, we can all expect Tobias Harris to be their primary big man.

It was later reported by Woj's protege/arch-nemesis Shams, that Morey is expected to sign a five-year deal.

It appears they're all in on Rivers and Morey giving them both five-year contracts. Is it going to work? Probably not, as the Sixers will likely blow a 3-1 lead in the second round. Which would lead to Embiid throwing a hissy fit and crying his way out of Philly.

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