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Daryl Morey Steps Down as Rockets GM to become Texans GM?

Stay in the NBA? Make the move to the NFL? Let the speculation begin.

Stephen A. Bayless

Woj sent out a surprising report that Daryl Morey stepped down as the Rockets general manager. This was surprising considering Morey is one of the best GMs in the NBA. Although he has had questionable decisions in the past few years, the Rockets have been one of the most consistent organizations in the league.

Why did Morey step down?

What's even crazier is this.

Now there's no truth behind this, but it would certainly be an out of the box hire. With the NFL leaning heavier on analytics, why not hire one of the best analytical executives in sports? The Texans are also a team in need of an organizational rebrand after Bill O'Brien left it in shambles.

Morey is someone that values draft picks. Texans currently have depleted draft capital, so maybe he can pull his strings to reload. If he hires the right group of people around him, this could be a home run hire despite his lack of experience in the NFL.

It's also important to note that this was 100% Morey's decision.

This wouldn't be the first time a high-rank executive leaves his sport to take on a new venture. It was reported earlier this week Oakland A's GM Billy Beane (Yes, the Moneyball guy) is leaving the team to focus on running Liverpool.

With everything that's being reported, it's not too crazy to think he'll take the Texans job.

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